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Call At 1-866-292-4631 For Map Updates Issue

Map Updates always keep you ahead and on time. With the technological progress, our whole life has transformed. Navigation devices, one of the gifts of technology, has changed the way we travel Now, we needn’t depend upon people by the lanes or street board. The greatest benefit is that it helps in saving much of… Read More »

How To Fix Error In Garmin Nuvi 260W ?

It is a series of automotive GPS product line that was first introduced in Q4 2005. 2×0 was released in July 2007 having a screen of 4.3 It is only as good as its map, thus it’s necessary to have the correct as well as an updated map before you start for your journey. The… Read More »

How To Change Voice On Garmin Nuvi ?

Friends, it’s very easy to change the voice of your Garmin Nuvi. With the help of  microphone, you can create a personalized voice for GPS.Well, if I ask change why you want to change the voice of GPS? Most of the users would say just for fun or they are getting bored of the original… Read More »


Time has changed now, we live in the era of technology. Gone are the days when we used to follow street boards and signs to reach our desired location.Creation of navigation device has completely transformed our way of travelling. We can use this device to reach our destination on time without any nuisance. Being a… Read More »

How To Replace Garmin NUVI 200 GPS Device Battery ?

It could be a very painful situation for you guys when your Garmin NUVI GPS is no longer taking the charge,and its internal battery doesn’t last more than minutes. Maybe you have used the vehicle power adapter or send the device for repair. But with the steps discussed in this blog post, you can replace… Read More »

How To Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error In Garmin ?

Founded by Gary Burell and Min Kao in 1989, GARMIN is an American multinational company.Headquartered in the US, the company has its specialization in producing GPS products. It has made its contribution in several fields like automation, aviation, marine and outdoor. With its superb features, the company’s products have always been in demand.In spite of… Read More »

Is Your Garmin Express Not Working Properly In Windows 10 ?

Sometimes, users observe that Garmin Express doesn’t work adequately on some Windows PC. When you open the program, you may see any of the following behaviours: The message appearing on the screen says “Garmin express has stopped working” The message appearing on the screen says “An unexpected error has occurred, and Garmin Express must close”… Read More »

How To Use Garmin Vehicles Icons ?

Garmin when used by users in-car GPS, then there is another exciting option i.e vehicle icons.The fabulous vehicle icons are present than the few are present within the unit stock menu. Certainly, you need not drive the car at all. And what if it is required for a tank, police car or motorcycle? The vehicle… Read More »

How To Rectify Garmin Express Sync Error ?

Friends, while using electronic gadgets, the occurrence of a technical bug is quite a common concern. Suppose you face difficulty while syncing your Garmin Express app to any of your Garmin devices. You need not worry at all,stay calm and try out given methods to get rid of this ‘Garmin Express Sync Error‘. Still, if… Read More »