Is Your Garmin Express Not Working Properly In Windows 10 ?

By | September 25, 2018

Sometimes, users observe that Garmin Express doesn’t work adequately on some Windows PC. When you open the program, you may see any of the following behaviours:

  • The message appearing on the screen says “Garmin express has stopped working”
  • The message appearing on the screen says “An unexpected error has occurred, and Garmin Express must close”
  • You are not able to see Garmin Express window on the screen, also no error message is being shown
  • It seems that Garmin Express auto-update is not working smoothly
  • Garmin Express won’t download anything

Maybe you have upgraded OS (Operating System) of your computer, and not able to upload to Garmin connect via Express version. Also, it happened for other Garmin devices like Edge 510, Edge 200, and forerunner 110. Incompatibility of application in Windows 10 could be the probable reason for Garmin Express app not working smoothly with your OS. One can find the way to resolve ‘Garmin Express not Working in Windows 10‘ in the below para.

SOLUTION 1: Make sure that you own the current version of Garmin Express installed on your device Visit Garmin’s official website and download and reinstall Garmin Express’s newest version there from the available link. If you see a message saying ‘Garmin already installed’, it simply means that the device is already using the updated version.

SOLUTION 2: Remove Garmin Express Configuration files

You may also see an error with your Garmin Express occurred due to corrupt application configuration files.
Removing configuration folder will allow you to be recreated so that Garmin Express can be launched without any hassle.
Go with these steps to delete the configuration file:
Step 1: First of all, press the Windows key +R
Step 2: Next, type %localappdata%
Step 3: After then, right-click on Garmin update_Ltd_or_its_subsid folder
Step 4: Tap ‘Delete’ option
Step 5: Hit ‘YES’ if asked to confirm a deletion

SOLUTION 3: Install current Microsoft Window update

From time to time, Microsoft releases Windows updates that are beneficial for fixing bugs with Garmin app. After installing that application which is compatible, run the programs using settings from Windows earlier version. Perform instructions given beneath to install the driver in compatibility mode. Once the installation
is completed, run a test.
Step 1: First, search for installer file location
Step 2: Now, right-click on setup.exe file followed by clicking on Properties option
Step 3: Tap compatibility and check the box, run this program in compatibility mode. Choose OS from the drop-down menu and move ahead with the problem-free installation of the file
Step 4: After completion of the process, you need to restart your pc and see whether the error exists or not.Still, not able to fix this issue of ‘Garmin express not working on your Windows OS’, you must go for hiring expert’s help. Getting upset is of no use when you are in such a dilemma. It would be wise to connect to ‘GARMIN CUSTOMER SERVICE‘. Here, you can find experts working day and night just to offer you productive solutions.

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