By | September 29, 2018

Time has changed now, we live in the era of technology. Gone are the days when we used to follow street boards and signs to reach our desired location.Creation of navigation device has completely transformed our way of travelling. We can use this device to reach our destination on time without any nuisance. Being a user-friendly device, it is also available in market at very affordable rates.However, you may face several issues with the device due to its continuous or rough use. Among them,most common of all issues is a non-responsive issue of the device. Sometime, you can’t remove the problem by turning the gadget ON and OFF. At that time, you may think of resetting your device but doing this may remove your all saved data. In such a state, wiping data from the system could be a better and effective solution, in my view.Move with the given steps to wipe your data from Garmin Nuvi:

Step 1: Place your finger on the bottom right portion of the screen. Keeping your                     finger in the same position, hit ‘Power’ button to turn ON Garmin Nuvi.

Step 2: After this, hold your finger at the same place until you see a popup message              on the screen.Through the popup message, you will be asked for                                confirmation to delete all the stored data.

Step 3: Next, hit “Yes” option to continue. It will automatically erase all the                               saved/stored data from your device.

So, these were the steps you need to perform to wipe data from Garmin. Although, the steps are simple if you need any help related to same, please approach our help desk.We would listen to you and offer a best possible remedy in return.For additional assistance you may visit Garmin Nuvi Update support.If you need assistance with Garmin Express Software then you can dial us at 1-866-292-4631.

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