How To Change Voice On Garmin Nuvi ?

By | October 2, 2018

Friends, it’s very easy to change the voice of your Garmin Nuvi. With the help of  microphone, you can create a personalized voice for GPS.Well, if I ask change why you want to change the voice of GPS? Most of the users would say just for fun or they are getting bored of the original sound. Here’s how you can create a beautiful male or female voice according to your mood.A free software to edit voice has been introduced by Garmin named as ‘VoiceStudio‘. Remember that the software needs windows XP sp2 that is compatible with these series. In case, you are using Nuvi 300,600 series or an older, go through the complete article to have a deeper insight of voice utility software.

  • Nüvi® 200-series
  • Nüvi 205-series
  • Nuvi 500-series
  • Nüvi 700-series
  • Nuvi 705 series
  • Nüvi 800-series
  • Nüvi 1200-series
  • Nüvi 1300-series
  • Nüvi 1400-series
  • Nüvi 1600-series
  • Nuvi 5000

The user may record the following indications:

  • Join the road shown on the screen
  • New Calculation
  • Traffic jam
  • The exit
  • To the left
  • To the right
  • Continue on this road
  • Destination
  • Until
  • Then
  • Get on the roundabout
  • take
  • tighten
  • make a U-turn
  • The ramp
  • In front
  • meters
  • Kilometre
  • kilometres
  • turn
  • You
  • are
  • Come
  • arrive
  • To destination
  • In
  • Next
  • As soon as possible
  • Navigate on the road
  • Step
  • feet
  • Yards
  • A
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
  • 600
  • At three
  • At four
  • At five
  • At six
  • At seven o ‘clock
  • At eight
  • Five hundred
  • The 2nd exit
  • The 3rd exit
  • The 4th exit
  • The 5th exit
  • The 6th exit


With this method, you will require a small software and a USB cable to change GPS
internal memory. The software being called as Voice Utility permit users todecompile vbm files that can be found by them in Garmin/Voice directory. Before moving to alter these files, you are suggested to store the files in a safe and secure place. At the time of decompiling a vbm file, you may get various small files. These small files enable you to modify a particular order.After recording your voice, each file in vbm file is replaced with the one that you have stored.Your file will beconverted by the utility into proper wave format. After using “Join” function and describing the directory where these files are saved, unit’s .vbm files are overwritten by yours. For further guidance, dial our toll-free for Garmin Nuvi Update Support. (1-866-292-4631).

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