How To Rectify Garmin Express Sync Error ?

By | September 18, 2018

Friends, while using electronic gadgets, the occurrence of a technical bug is quite a common concern. Suppose you face difficulty while syncing your Garmin Express app to any of your Garmin devices. You need not worry at all,stay calm and try out given methods to get rid of this ‘Garmin Express Sync Error‘. Still, if you have any confusion in your mind while performing these steps, feel free to dial our toll-free number (1-866-292-4631).It doesn’t matter whether your Garmin Connect is syncing with your device or not, your fitness related data or other saved information will remain stored on your device until you delete it manually. Every time you sync
your fitness data to your PC using Garmin Express app, it gets saved at a particular location on your device.



For MAC :


Suppose, you didn’t find your data at this location, it may happen that either you have saved the Garmin Express to a different location or you have manually deleted the Fitness data.


At the very first time, you see this Garmin Express Sync Error, just try to restart your PC.

  • Before all, first, you need to close Garmin Express application as well as all the other running applications on your device.
  • Now, click on the ‘Restart’ button to restart your pc.
  • Once the device is restarted, see whether it is able to sync the data or not.
  • In case, Garmin Express Sync Error still exists, then you may go for other solutions.


Suppose, you have installed any Antivirus software or similar security system in your computer, then there are chances that the conflict b/w Garmin Express Application and Antivirus are responsible for this ‘Garmin Express Sync Error’ Likewise, Firewall of your computer may also generate such type of issue. In this particular situation, you must remove these security functions from your device and continue with your sync process. If the issue doesn’t get resolved by this, then proceed to another method.


Internet connectivity is required for Garmin Express application to download and upload data from your Garmin devise to your pc. In case of weak/slow internet connection, there are high chances of getting Garmin Express Sync Error.
To address the error occurred due to Internet Network, just see whether your Internet is properly working or not. In case, you are using a wireless network, please take your computer near to your router. Although, a wired connection has been suggested to use Garmin Express. For best performance, a high-speed Internet connection must be there. You must also see system’s other requirements for Garmin Express so as to avoid other issues in near future.


If you failed to rectify ‘Garmin Express Sync Error‘ with aforesaid methods then the issue may be related to Garmin Express application. In such a situation, you need to remove the application and install it again.Go with the given steps to uninstall Garmin Express from your device:

  • First of all, tap on the ‘Start’ button and then move to Control Panel on your device.
  • Next, click on Uninstall a Program under the Programs.
  • Now, move to Garmin Express application from the list showing installed applications.
  • After then, do right-click on Garmin Express followed by selecting Uninstall.
  • As you see the confirmation box, hit ‘YES’to give your consent to delete Garmin Express from your pc.
  • Once the application has removed, please restart your pc.

With this, your Garmin Express application has successfully uninstalled from your pc. Now it’s the time to reinstall it. For this, you need to perform the same steps that you used to install it earlier for the first time.Hope, the methods will help you in eliminating your error. If positive result not obtained by you,move to our help-desk.You may visit Garmin Support if you need additional assistance about this.

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